Quotes About Dreams and Dreaming

Do you love dreams and dreaming? Today I was thinking about some of my favorite quotes about dreams, dreaming, and dream interpretation – and then I thought it might be nice to share some of these with you. Some of my favorite quotes come from books, others from movies, some are even song lyrics. It’s … Read more

dream meaning interpretation

How to Interpret Dreams: What Your Dream Means

One of the most effective ways to understand what your dreams mean is to learn how to interpret dreams on your own. Since dreams are so highly personal in nature, you are the best interpreter of your dreams. Learn the basics of learning to understand your own dreams.

lucid dreams

How to Lucid Dream

Want to have lucid dreams? Learn how to lucid dream with these 5 tips for how to start lucid dreaming and unleash the power of your dreams.

lucid dreaming

What is Lucid Dreaming?

A lucid dream is a type of dream where you gain full conscious awareness while dreaming. In a lucid dream, you will feel like you are awake, even though you are fully aware you are not in the physical reality. Lucid dreaming, quite simply, is the ability to be aware and conscious during a dream. … Read more

meaning of numbers

The Meaning of Numbers in Dreams

It is common for us to dream about numbers, and often times dream interpretation for numbers can help give us some insight into our daily current lives. For centuries, numbers have been believed to have meaning and are very much a language of their own. Mathematics is not so much as a science as it … Read more

people as actors in dreams

Characters As Parts of Ourselves in Dreams

Many times the people in our dreams are actually there as an actor or actress to play the part of ourselves. We might have a dream that features a friend or family member, but this does not always mean the dream is about them! Sometimes these people appear in our dreams to show us how … Read more

dream story

Understanding Your Dreams as a Story

One of the easiest ways to understand dreams is to see your dreams as a story. Learning to “read” your dreams the same way you read books can provide a lot of insight into what the dream might be about. If you paid attention in literature classes in school, you are probably already very familiar with … Read more

how to make a dream journal

How to Create a Dream Journal

Dream Journaling is a creative process that can help with understanding and exploring the meaning of dreams. The best part? No writing or art skills required! When you learn how to make a dream journal, you have one of the most valuable tools and resources for dream exploration and dream work available to you. It’s a … Read more