Cancer Zodiac Sign Personality Traits Profile

The Zodiac sign covers everyone born between June 21 and July 22. If you or someone you know is a Cancer, read on to learn about the different Cancer personality traits in this in-depth personality profile.

cancer zodiac profile

The Cancer zodiac sign is a water sign which means they are emotional, sensitive and intuitive. They can be very empathic people who tend to empathize with others easily. They are typically more emotional than the other signs and this makes them more sensitive to the feelings of others.

People born under the sign of Cancer generally have a kind, loving and generous personality which is also known as being “good natured” or “generous.” The Cancerians tend to give a lot out and expect little in return.

The symbol for Cancer is the crab. Crabs are known for their shells which can protect them, so they are the perfect symbol for the Cancers because they are very protective people.

Positive Cancer Personality Traits

cancer personality traits

There are many positive cancer personality traits that people born under this sign possess. Let’s explore some of these in more depth.

Compassionate and Sensitive

Cancers are intelligent, imaginative and highly sensitive people who have a deep sense of compassion for others . They love to help other people or animals in distress.

They care very much about other people and are strongly tied to familial bonds even if the relationships do not have much importance to them. They also have a tendency to empathize with other people’s problems and become easily hurt by harsh words or cruel behavior of others.

They understand human emotions so well that they often end up acting as a counselor for those in need of advice or comfort.

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As a water sign, Cancers can be very intuitive. They always listen to what is in their hearts. They have an exceptional ability to sense what is coming and are often intuitive beyond any doubt. It is this special ability that makes them very good at solving mysteries or situations where certain information needs to be uncovered.

This intuitive nature also makes them great healers in which they can use their powers to help heal others of physical and emotional wounds.

cancer zodiac sign


Cancers are known to be very loyal to their friends and family. They are very reserved and would rather stay in their shell, but once they have made a true friend, they will gladly do anything to help them.

They are also very protective people and will do anything to keep their friends safe. Sometimes, this can make them seem like a possessive or jealous person, but usually they always have the other person’s best interest at heart.


Cancers can be highly creative people as they are able to combine their intelligence with their emotions for stellar results.

They often have an inclination towards the arts – whether it is music, theatre, dance, or painting.

As intuitive empaths, Cancers are very good at solving problems for others. They often use their creative ways in coming up with unique solutions that are win-win for everyone.

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Self Aware

The Cancer is very in tune to their emotional and spiritual needs. Their ability to understand the human psyche makes them very conscious of the world around them and the people in it. They are also able to use their intuitive powers to understand the way other people feel and make decisions based on that information.

Cancers will only do what they know is right because they also have a very strong moral compass. If this moral compass starts to shift, they will often feel conflicted about doing things that may hurt others or go against their own personal morals.

Cancers also tend to be introspective people which means that they like to think about things a lot, especially the pros and cons of situations or decisions they have made. The water element in them makes them very spiritual people and they often reflect on life a lot.

crab symbol for cancer

Stable and Secure

The Cancer doesn’t like a lot of change and they like to have some control over their lives. They are very responsible people and tend to be rule followers.

They like having a sense of order and stability in their lives which is why they could be described as “sensible” people who like to focus and pay attention to their own needs. They will not be distracted by external things, especially fads or trends.

They are also known for being the ones who put others first and who always have the other person’s best interests at heart. This can sometimes be a problem because this can make them seem too selfless and are often criticized for it.

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What Are Weaknesses? Negative Personality Traits of Cancer

cancer the crab

Of course, every sign has its weaknesses. Understanding the negative Cancer zodiac sign personality traits can help navigate life a little more easily.


As a water sign, it should come as no surprise that Cancers can be moody. They can be very temperamental and picky people who have a hard time adjusting to changes in their lives.

They can become very moody when things are not going their way. They are also very emotional and sensitive which makes them moody when things do not go as planned or if they feel like someone has wronged them.

This behavior can make them difficult to live with at times because they will often complain about their circumstances or the behavior of others around them.

There are times when you really might think your cancer is a crab quite literally!

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Being vindictive means holding a grudge against someone because they feel like they have been wronged. Cancers are known to be very vindictive people. They can hold grudges for a long time and it is very hard to change their minds about the situation once they have made their mind up.

Sometimes this behavior stems from a place of hurt, but other times it comes from a place of malice or revenge . Either way, it is not good to get on the wrong side of a Cancerian because you will be stuck there for a long time.


Cancers can sometimes be controlling in their relationships. They want people to do a certain thing or expect things to have a certain outcome.

They are not controlling because they are bad people, but because they want the best for everyone who is involved. However, this controlling nature can make it very difficult for them to get along with freedom loving signs such as Aries, Leos and Sagittarius.

yellow crab

Resistant to Change

Cancers do not like abrupt changes to their lifestyle or circumstances. They like to know that their lives are going to be the same way throughout a certain period of time. These people are very resistant to change and have a hard time adapting when things do not go the way they want them too.

They can get stuck in their ways and hold onto them until they become an obstacle for the Cancer. This can often put a strain on their relationships with other people because they will try to force others to do things that make them uncomfortable or unhappy.

Cancers and Money

cancers and money

As responsible people, cancers are very good with money. They can sometimes splurge, but they usually keep good track of their finances and make sure that when they purchase something it is what they really need.

Cancers like to think about the future, so they often take the steps necessary to make sure they will be secure later in life. They are great at saving and will often make wise investments for the future.

Cancers tend to be very good at budgeting, especially if they are working for themselves. They are not afraid of responsibility and will often take on tasks that others would consider more stressful.

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Best Careers for Cancers

Due to their very understanding and empathetic nature, Cancers do very well in roles where they are supporting others. You will find them as nurses, veterinarians, therapists and teachers.

Other good career choices for Cancers include roles that are highly creative, such as writing, singing or acting.

Since they have a very strong connection to the spiritual world, they will often find themselves working toward making this world a better place. This could be through religious roles or through charitable organizations. Cancers will not work for companies that are not in line with their life goals or sense of value.

Cancers do not do well under high pressure situations, so they are not the ideal candidate for high-stress jobs. They prefer to go with the flow than to rock the boat.

If a Cancer starts their own business, you can be sure their business deals with something they are very passionate about. These are the business owners who start eco-friendly companies and companies that have a greater good for the world in mind.

Cancers In the Workplace

They are great workers who always aim for the best results in their work. Cancers will work hard to make sure that they can provide for their family later on and enjoy a secure future.

Those who work with Cancers will notice they are always the one they can turn to when they need help. Cancers do not mind taking on more than their fair share of work because they are good team players and want to make sure that the job does get done properly.

They will always be willing to work extra hours if needed and won’t mind working nights or weekends.

One thing to remember is that Cancers want to be paid fairly for what they do and they never like seeing others take advantage of the situation. They will not stand for an employer mistreating them or their co-workers.

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Health and Fitness

crab illustration

In the realm of health and fitness, Cancers are very good at maintaining their bodies. They will always make sure that they are eating right and exercising to stay healthy. They just want to be well in body, mind and spirit so they can perform at optimal levels in all facets of life.

Cancers are also known for wanting to relax often which is something that a lot of people do not understand about them. They want to be able to de-stress and get away from the pressures of life sometimes so they can recharge their batteries.

Cancers enjoy a number of physical activities such as meditation, running, yoga and weight lifting. This does not mean they are trying to look like a bodybuilder, but they do enjoy a healthy lifestyle that will help them for the long run.

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Cancers As Friends and Family

Cancers make for loyal friends you can always count on to be there when you need them. They are very good listeners and are willing to give you their full attention when you need it.

They will also be there for you when you need to vent about something. Cancers do not like seeing their friends upset and they will do what is necessary to help them feel better.

Living with a Cancer zodiac sign can sometimes be unpredictable as they can often change from one mood to another with no warning. They can also be unpredictable as to what they will do or say because their minds are so full of things that they want to share with you.

Cancers tend to talk a lot, and sometimes the incessant chatter can be too much for some signs. This is especially true when they are in their crab mood. As long as you are able to tolerate their talking then you will make a great friend to a Cancer.

Cancer In Love and Relationships as a Romantic Partner

cancer crab zodiac symbol

In love and romance, Cancers are very in touch with their feelings. They often feel things very deeply and need to be able to share this with someone.

They can be very intense when it comes to love and want everything to be perfect for the both of them. Cancers are also good at understanding other people’s feelings and thoughts so they are excellent partners when it comes to conflict.

Sometimes Cancers can have trouble seeing the faults in other people. This can lead them to being in unhealthy relationships. When they fall in love with someone, they will not really be able to see their faults and may get too caught up in the romance to see the real person.

Cancers are very loyal and not likely to wander from those they love. If you are lucky enough to pair up with a Cancer, you can be sure that it will be a long-lasting relationship.

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Cancers as Children

As children, Cancers often seem to be “old souls”. They are wise beyond their years and are very insightful as to what is happening in their lives.

They are very good students and will always work their best to get good grades. While some Cancer children can be very shy at first, you can be assured that the friends they do make are the kinds of friends they will keep for life.

Cancer children do best when they have a nurturing environment to be creative and learn about the world. You may want to consider enrolling them in lessons for singing, piano, art, or even drama. Cancers can be very good at expressing themselves through art or music and therefore this is one area you can encourage them to pursue.

They are known for being very compassionate and caring children, so you will have no trouble finding a place for them to volunteer.

As long as you are willing to provide plenty of love, support, space and freedom then you can be assured that you will have a long lasting relationship with your Cancer child.

Cancers as Parents

As parents, Cancers are very sensitive to their child’s needs and are always supportive of the child, even when the child may not always behave as they want.

They can sometimes be controlling of their children because they want what is best for the child. This can sometimes lead to rough patches as the child enters their adolescent years and seeks more freedom.

Cancer parents tend to always have something special planned for the holidays and birthdays because they like to make things memorable and fun. They also enjoy making things homemade and from scratch which is a great way for them to bond with their children.

Because of their caring nature, Cancers may consider becoming a foster parent for an older child who needs a stable environment to heal. If they adopt a child, you can be certain they will adopt a child who is in great need of a healthy and happy home.

personality traits for cancer

Tips for Having a Good Relationship with a Cancer

If you know someone who is a Cancer, here are some tips to help make the most of their personality traits in your relationship:

Cancers Don’t Like To Be Criticized:

If you want to have a good relationship with your Cancer, then you should never criticize them. They are very sensitive people who do not respond well to criticism. If you have suggestions to make to a Cancer, make sure you do it gently.

Don’t Take Their Moods Personally

As water signs, the Cancer is driven by emotion which can make them act moody and irrational at times. It’s important you don’t take their mood swings personally – often it has very little to do with anything you did and more just how they are feeling at the time.

Lend a Hand

Cancers may seem to have it all together, but they always appreciate a helping hand. They can be very selfless and giving people who like to do things for others. You can help them out by doing something for them that they may not be able to do on their own. This will balance out the relationship and leave both of you feeling appreciated.

Be Patient

Cancers can be very temperamental, which can make them hard to deal with at times. Often they will need time to warm up to you so be patient and give them the time they need before you try to hang out with them.

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Are you or someone you know a Cancer? What are some of your favorite personality traits of Cancers? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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