Aries Zodiac Sign Personality Characteristics and Traits

The Aries Zodiac sign covers everyone who is born between March 21 and April 19. If you or someone you know is an Aries, read on to learn Aries personality traits.

Aries are well known for being outgoing, spontaneous and independent. The ram as the Aries symbol shows they can be headstrong and courageous.

Aries is a fire sign, which means they are energetic, enthusiastic and enthusiastic. Fire Signs tend to be very creative and are usually very enthusiastic about starting new things.

One of the best things about this sign is that they are willing to try anything once. Aries as a fire sign has a willingness to take risks and this can be a positive factor if you want to start something new which will probably be a success if you take the right steps.

list of aries personality traits

Positive Traits of Aries

There is so much good to say about people born between March 21 and April 19 – let’s start with going over the positive personality traits for Aries.


Aries aren’t afraid to talk to those around them. They always say what they believe, and aren’t frightened by the thought of disagreement. However, when at fault with an Aries, don’t expect them to stay quiet. Since they’re incredibly outgoing, they’re also very good at saying exactly what is on their mind.

Outgoing people tend to have many friends. They’re also known to be good listeners, and are able to relate to many other people. If you’re in need of someone to talk to, look for an Aries – they’re more than likely know what it feels like to be in your situation.

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super hero for the fearless aries

Not only are Aries fearless in conversation, they’re also fearless in their actions. When dared, they’re willing to do almost anything, even if it sometimes leads to trouble. That being said, they use this characteristic to protect those around them. For example, they’re always willing to stick up for one of their closest friends.

Just because one of the positive personality traits of Aries is to be fearless, keep in mind this doesn’t mean they don’t have fears. What it means is they are more likely to face their fears head on. They aren’t the type of person to run away or hide – even when things get tough.

aries the ram


Like most fire signs, Aries loves their independence. They do not like to be told what to do or to be controlled by others. Aries often have a hard time with authority figures in their life – whether it be their parents, teachers, or their boss.

If you are friends with an Aries, realize they will not ask you for help even when they need it. If you are an Aries, it’s important that you remember that it is okay to ask others for help – you are not an island and do not have to go through life alone.


Like Sagittarius, Aries are extremely spontaneous, and prefer living in the moment instead of the past. Aries don’t like to focus on the past, because with that comes negativity. They also don’t think about the future very often, they’re too focused on their present lifestyle. Aries are ready for adventure, not for hesitation.

Aries are the kinds of friends who do things on the spur of the moment. They don’t like strict, rigid plans. This can be a positive trait that keeps life fun and exciting, but it can also sometimes get the Aries in trouble, especially when it comes to matters of their career.

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runners on the track

If you are an Aries, it is likely you like to always be busy with something. This can mean physical activities, but can also extend to the mind.

Many Aries are extremely athletic, and enjoy many varieties of sports. They tend to be very competitive, and absolutely love whenever they win. Aries are also quite energetic, so with their high stamina and motivation, it makes them perfectly fit the role of an athlete.

Some famous Aries athletes include Peyton Manning (March 24), Adrian Peterson (March 21), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (April 16), Chris Bosh (March 24), amongst many others.

While many Aries are athletic, it’s not the only way they can be active. Their mind is always going, and when interested in something, they like to dive in head first. This leads to many Aries becoming successful lawyers, investigators or other careers requiring a keen mind.

Natural Born Leader

rubber duck leader

The Aries Zodiac is a great leader. Their confidence always shines through, and it spreads around positivity throughout the group. They love having control, which makes everyone get their work done. When compassionate about the project, they put in lots of effort, and never give up.

Aries like to lead by example, and will make everyone else in their group want to be a part of the project as well. They are very calm when making decisions, and aren’t afraid to take charge. Also, when it comes down to it, they are quite an independent thinker – Aries love handling situations on their own.

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What Are the Weaknesses of Aries? Negative Traits for Aries

aries ram illustration

Although there are many positive traits that come with being an Aries, there are also some negative traits and weaknesses that you need to be aware of. Aries can be stubborn, selfish, and easily bored.

Let’s talk about some of these in more detail:


Rams are known for butting heads, so it is not surprising an Aries can be quite stubborn as well. While they are not quite as confrontative as Taurus, Aries still have a hard time letting go of things that they believe in. However, this is not to say Aries are unable to compromise, they just have a hard time doing so.

When an Aries doesn’t get their way, they can struggle to let it go. They tend to hold onto whatever reason why they didn’t get the decision the way they wanted, but once the topic is dropped by whomever it was directed at, then the Aries themselves will move on and forget about it.


The Aries isn’t necessarily selfish in a bad way – they just put themselves first before the needs of others. This can often complicate relationships and make the Aries seem uncaring, even when they do fiercely love and care about someone.

Aries often puts their own happiness and wellbeing before the happiness and wellbeing of others. They take care of themselves first, with no regards for how this might make other people feel.

We all know in life it is better to be giving and considerate of what other people need, but this selfishness can be a positive trait at times – there is nothing wrong with wanting to be your best self.

Easily Bored

People born under the Aries sign often find themselves bored with life. They often switch careers frequently because they can’t find something interesting long enough to stick with it. They always seem to have a need for more action and adventure, which is why they are drawn to many different types of activities.

They are often attracted to careers that provide lots of freedom and flexibility, because Aries like to be able to do what they want – when they want. The Aries also tend to have a short attention span, so jobs that require sitting around all day in one place can quickly become exhausting.

Although Aries make for strong leaders and have the determination to do anything they put their mind too, this need for constant activity can sometimes make them quite restless. They may jump from one project to the next without completing it if it does not captivate their attention.

Dishonest and Distrusting

fingers crossed behind ones back

People who are born under the Aries sign are sometimes prone to telling “little white lies”. They do not want to hurt people, so they lie about something – although we all know this can cause someone to get hurt even more.

Aries are known for being unrestrained, and they will go to any length to get what they want – include making things up when necessary.

In relationships, dishonesty can make it very difficult for them to be with a partner who trusts them completely. There can be a lot of jealousy and even cheating for Aries if they are not clear about the boundaries of their relationship.

Aries are also often distrusting, no doubt because they know they can lie for their own advances and do not trust others to be honest.

Since they are so independent, they don’t trust others enough to do what needs to be done. They are suspicious of people’s intentions and can assume the worst, which can lead to them being easily manipulated by other people.

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Aries as Children

kids playing soccer

Children born under Aries love to be the center of attention, so they act very playful and silly. Because they are young, they are still learning the ins and outs of society, but they aren’t as fearless as many other signs.

Aries children have a tendency to make new friends quickly at school and do not worry too much about what others might think of them. Because they find so much to be interesting, they tend to very active in different sports and clubs.

One area where Aries children may struggle however is in completing school work. They are intelligent but they don’t always apply themselves to a subject if it does not hold their interest. Many Aries children can benefit from classes for gifted children because it will stimulate their minds.

As they grow older, they need to learn how to handle themselves in social situations where there are a lot of individuals around that do not know each other very well. Sometimes their outgoing and stubborn nature can cause conflict with friends and family. This can be challenging for the fiery Aries, but most of the time they will come out fine.

Aries and Money

shopping cart full of money

Aries can sometimes be irresponsible with money – their spontaneity can often cause them to make a lot of impulse buys that aren’t always in the budget. Aries can also sometimes fall into debt because they buy things with the optimism they can pay for it later – though that isn’t always the case!

Because Aries lives in the present moment, they are not always very good at thinking about what they might need for the future. They do not consider for things like retirement or having an emergency savings fund.

The good news is people who are born under the Aries sign often attract money easily. While they may spend it just as fast as they make it, they are able to often use their ability to think and respond quickly to find creative solutions for any financial mess they may get into.

If you are an Aries, it is a good idea now to start learning how to use a budget and stick to it. Start saving away for a rainy day – even if it’s just a small amount every month it is a good financial practice to follow.

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Best Careers for Aries

aries personality

The professional Aries will want a career that is flexible and challenging. If the job is too easy, they will lose interest quickly.

Aries make for great leaders, so they often are found in management positions or even the owner of their own companies.

Many Aries do well in the medical field because the environment is very busy and hectic. It’s not unusual to find Aries working as doctors or nurses in the ER ready to jump into action at any given moment.

Because Aries are so independent and do not like to be controlled, they also tend to do very well in careers where they are in charge. Many Aries signs are drawn to careers where they are the authority – whether it is an expert in a field, a police officer, or the boss of a small company.

Aries as Friends and Family

As friends, you can count on Aries to be there when you need them. However, you may find that the Aries person in your life tends to pull away just when they need your support the most. Fiercely independent, they do not want to be a burden on anyone.

You may sometimes feel like your Aries friend or family member doesn’t care about you or that they are only concerned about their own needs. This can sometimes require gently reminding Aries that all relationships are a balance of give and take.

Aries in friendships often have a very strong bond with their friends and family, although they can sometimes respond in haste and they may say something careless when meant to be thoughtful and instead cause someone’s feelings to be hurt.

While Aries friends and family members are very loyal, they are also prone to act without thinking. They do not always tell others how they truly feel – even if they are very happy or sad about something happening.

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Aries in Love Relationships

When it comes to love, knowing the positive and negative characteristics of Aries ahead of time can help the relationship succeed because they can work through any problems that arise. s.

This Aries sign is quite passionate and this can lead to them becoming romantic and too much in love with their partner – even when the relationship clearly doesn’t have what it takes to work out.

If you are dating an Aries, is important to remember that they are not always the best at commitment. Because of their independent and spontaneous behavior, many Aries people do not stick with one partner for too long.

Despite this, it is possible to have a long and lasting committed love relationship with Aries. It is important that you do things to spark your relationship and keep the romance alive and fresh.

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How to Get Along With An Aries

If an Aries is someone you know, you need to understand some of their positive and negative traits before you start trying to get along with them. Here are somethings you need to remember about them:

They are independent:

Don’t ever try to control an Aries or tell them what to do! The fastest way to drive an Aries away is to make them do something they don’t want to do or try to steer their life in a certain direction, even if it is for their own good.

They Are Spontaneous:

If you need a friend who is game for anything, Aries is your best bet. If you are friends with an Aries, you will always need to offer some sort of element of surprise in your relationship. Falling into routines can cause the Aries to look elsewhere.

They Aren’t Always Honest With Themselves or Others:

It can be hard to develop trust with an Aries – you can’t always trust them and in return they don’t always trust others. This is okay, but it can cause some confusion when you are trying to get to know them.

Being honest and straightforward can help you get closer with Aries.

An Aries will agree with you on something just to get along, which is healthy for the relationship as long as they don’t start lying about things they really think or feel. This also means that if they say something hurtful, try not to take it personally because they probably don’t mean it the way it came out.

They Are Stubborn

If you’re ever in an argument with an Aries, you’ll quickly learn they don’t back down easily. It’s important that you think of a fair and generous compromise if you ever want to make headway with an Aries.

If you are able to work through the stubbornness of an Aries, you will find that they are actually very emotional people who do care about their friends and family a great deal. An Aries can be a great friend if you take the time to figure out what makes them tick.

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Do you have anything to add about the personality traits of Aries zodiac sign? If you or someone you know is an Aries, we’d love to hear what personality characteristics resonate with you!

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